Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.

For years I have battled with my health and weight. I remember noticing that I was chubby as early as 8 years old and it caused me some distress all through my pre-teen and teenage years until I took exercise into my own hands and started using diet shakes. It was transformative and then my life took off in a completely different direction and I fell back onto what I thought I knew. Portion control, calorie counting, exercise are all the things that go out the window from me when I’m thrown a life curveball.

After my teenage years, I found myself once again on a journey towards better health. I began weight lifting and running along with taking a pill, Metabolife, that decreased my appetite. I was nearly to my weight goal. That all ended one day when I gave into just one bean and cheese burrito and one quesadilla from Del Taco. I remember the day specifically because I began to gain weight after that and then I got pregnant.

I was sick a lot throughout my pregnancy and I developed acid reflux that seemed to be relieved when I ate… This combined with marital troubles brought me into a depression and I never regained my pre-pregnancy body. I was even heavier with my second pregnancy.

After I had 2 miscarriages and recovered from pneumonia and an umbilical surgery, there was a shift in my thinking and I began to focus on my body again. I began to lift weights again and followed a body building routine and clean eating diet. This had amazing results and I was on a good track, but then my entire world blew up again. I got divorced.

The divorce brought on new challenges. I was already in feeling pretty good about my body at that point, even though I wasn’t down to my goal weight. I was doing pretty good until once again my life got turned upside down. I got sick, had to move in with my parents and ended up commuting to college.

The next time I worked on my weight, I was enrolled at university. I had been slowly gaining weight and then discovered the diet “Whole 30”. I worked the diet with fidelity and got down from 200+ to 176lbs. Then I started student teaching and my masters degree. Over the last couple years I’ve been working on managing my weight, but it always comes back on. Some life altering event happens and my habits, routines and healthy choices disappear first.

Finally, I feel like I am in a place where my career is stable and I’ve got a good handle on the time management it takes to make my classroom go smoothly. I have embarked on another diet program, hoping this one will be my last one. This one is different than all the ones I’ve tried before. They sent me a book that focuses on habits of health. Once I get to my ideal weight I will begin slowly to transition away from the provided food and slowly work on how to balance caloric intake and output through meal planning and exercise.

Other areas of health that I am focused on are financial and social which should continue to support my healthy life style choices.

After one month on the program I am down from 187lbs to 173lbs. It’s been rapid weight loss but I have immediately seen the results of feeling better, looking better and most importantly having more energy. My goal weight is 140.. but my life goal is to maintain my health and make my life a priority.

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