Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.

Kennedy Meadows to Lone Pine

Earlier this year I obtained wilderness permits to hike the JMT from Devil’s Postpile North to Yosemite’s Happy Isle. You have to do this months in advance, and there is no way to know what the snow conditions will be like in those areas.

Shortly before heading up to the trailhead, I contacted the ranger station. Their advice: If you know how to self arrest with an ice axe, have snow shoes and good navigation skills, then you might attempt it.

This was to be a solo trip, so I decided to change my plans. Not only am I a beginner at all things snow, it’s just not smart to go out alone in conditions like that. I was quickly able to get the permit to overnight in the Golden Trout Wilderness, however, so backpacking in beautiful country was still a go!

Prepping for the trip was a bit last minute. I had to get the maps, figure out the mileage and pack for food. This was my first extended back packing trip, and I had no idea how much I was going to need, but I did know it all had to fit into the bear canister.

Also, picking out the right clothing is another hard choice. At the last minute I ditched my fleece lined water resistant pants and opted for the moisture wicking summer pants instead. I also left my 800 fill puffy behind and opted for my nano-puff instead. I still brought warm gloves and a beanie, and a base layer that would double as pajamas.

My pack weighed in at 23 lbs dry, but then I added the bear canister with all its food… Let’s just say, I don’t really have that advanced of body strength yet…

I headed out early on Thursday morning to meet my friend in Ridgecrest that offered to give me a ride to the trail head.

All ready to go!

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Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.


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