Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.

When ever my district or union offers to send me to a conference I jump on the opportunity. I love conferences. The crowds, the energy, the inspiration.  Spring #CUE18 did not disappoint! Unfortunately, it is hard to hang onto the glow I get from a series of great sessions. When at the conference the energy is practically manic. People talking, going, learning, inspiring at every turn. Coming home, Eminem’s song, “Back to reality, oops there goes gravity” begins to play in my head and I feel all that great energy start to slither out of me. It evaporates in a puff of smoke when I return home and my children are fighting or saying, “Hey mom, what’s for dinner?” Don’t they know that I am still walking on cloud nine and, being teenagers with egos the size of Uranus they don’t really care.

In the past, I’ve always started out with good intentions. The swag bag is kept by my desk with all the cards people gave me, the phone numbers and emails of the people I really want to reconnect with. Sometimes I place a large book order on Amazon. And then, reality just takes over. The swag bag gets lost in the junk closet (yes… I am ashamed, but I have #SpringBreakGoals ). With the light snuffed out, I go back to my day to day, applying to my classroom the few tidbits that made an instant impact and never go back to remember the rest. Granted, just those few tidbits that do stick are worth going to the conference. The books often do get read and that inspiration is also applied into my pedagogy. But, I want to figure out how to hold onto that glow!

Hanging onto the glow of this conference is something I need to achieve the next steps on my career path. I have 1:1 Chromebooks this year, and the things I learned at the conference are certainly going to take class up the #SAMRModel, if only I retain the enthusiasm and a vast majority of what I gained from the 8 sessions I attended.

So today I am going to write a review of each of the most impactful sessions I attended. These, in a list, are:

Climbing the SAMR Ladder: Designing Engaging Lessons for 21st Century Learners presented by Julia Maynard and Michael Bloemsma of San Francisco USD

Flipping the Elementary Classroom presented by Ann-Marie Skaggs

Google Classroom: Community Space That Inspires, Empowers, Engages (And Makes Teacher’s Lives Easier) presented by Lainie Rowell

Doing More with Google Slides presented by Ryan Archer

Google Classroom Tips and Tricks – Part 1 and 2 presented by Alice Keeler



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Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.


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