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I Mustache You a Question! Are you Being Too Serious With Chores?

I Mustache You a Question!
Are you Being Too Serious With Chores?

I love being a mom, but sometimes the same ole routine gets old. “Do this. Don’t do that. Bring that. Follow directions.” Orders become loathe to my own ears, let alone that of my children. So today, while I was thinking of ways to adopt the phrase “Thank you for being FUN today!” into my own demeanor rather than simply demanding it from others, I thought about my children’s chore chart.

Filled with inspiration from Hands Free Mama’s blog, (which I discovered yesterday) I renewed my ever-evolving vow to be a better parent. After all, I am in school to be a better teacher, I realized I can do better than this. How can possibly instil a love of learning into a student’s heart, if I cannot instill a gladness of heart in our daily routines at home. Responsibilities and chores don’t have to be the drudgery they have become in our house.

We have a colorful chore chart (Check out these Free Templates/Tips), and on it are categories such as “Caring for Myself”, “Cleaning My Room”, “Doing Chores at Home” and “Other Things I need to Do”. Normally I have drill-sergeant-like lists with commands: Brush teeth, Make Bed, Pick up Toys, and Homework. While my daughter (10) doesn’t mind using the stars or her favorite marker of the week to check off her list, my son (12) seems to be chaffing under the pressures of constant demands. Giant sighs emit from his chest when I even bring up the reminder to ‘Check your chore chart”.

Here are some examples from my revamped chore chart list.

  • Sugar Bugs eating my teeth? Not Me!
  • The floor is no place for trash or toys!
  • I’m a helper in the kitchen.
  • [My dog] isn’t gonna chew on MY underwear!
  • Advanced in Homework? Yes Please!
  • I can walk barefoot without stuff sticking to my feet!
  • Our house smells nice today. Trash taken out!
  • God and I had a conversation today.

There are spaces on mine for more, and I filled them up with things for our family. I know you can get creative about the chores with your family too. Feel free to share some, and I may feature them when I write about my children’s reaction to their new chore adventures.

Need ideas for what’s appropriate for your child? Check out this article at Parents website on “Are You Choosing the Right Chores”.

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