Taking Paths Less Traveled

Joyful Hiker. Mother. Teacher. Adventurer.

The Reasons I am Pro-Choice Regarding Abortions and Marriage:


I’ve Made Several Choices: ‘Single Mom’ encompasses several choices I’ve made. It hasn’t been easy, but no one stood in my way.
I thank You for that Liberty. In return, I give all the same choices.

A Loving Message to My Conservative Family

In light of the recent publicity that even in my self-induced cave of “Anti-News” couldn’t prevent me from seeing, I feel compelled to explain to certain individuals the reasons for my stance as a Pro-Choice advocate.

My family has very conservative values, but they have instilled into me a set of morals that defies injustice directly in its face. The lessons of morality that I learned as a child told me that no matter who I am, where I am from, I can be who ever I want to be. My dreams were my limits. I was taught that a child from a poor family, growing up beside the Colorado River, living in tents, could overcome their poverty and become the person of their dreams. I was told this story as a legend of all legends of the American Dreams. Once upon a time, a little poor girl from the river married a handsome football player from the city, despite his parent’s objections.

My story, my legend begins in what I always have imagined as the Appalachian Mountains. My great-great granddaddy sending his son off down a muddy dirt road to sell milk jugs full of whiskey during prohibition. It also begins with a story of a pile of cash hidden deep beneath the dash of the car as a family fled across the country from the fall out of the mafia. It begins when the progenies of these two families met in Southern California, where two people fell in love.

I was taught that laws aren’t always right, and the way that men have made things aren’t always okay. I was taught common sense and to think for myself, even to my own detriment.

So far, this story as a lot of Me, Myself and I’s wrapped up in it. This story begins with what I can do for myself; it ends with what I can do for others. Growing up, my heroes were women caring for many children, not necessarily even their own. Whenever there was a child in need, the women in my life swooped in, took the child into their loving arms and provided the stable emotional support in helpings as big as the plates of food they were fed. There were many children in need. Ultimately, they were told how to act, and how to treat others. “We do unto Others as you would have done to Yourself” was the rule one rule that covered it all.

Later in life, I would read proudly that this rule defined the very basis by which our country was built. Liberty, Justice for All. I would say those words proudly as I gravely said the pledge of allegiance as a child, having a child-like view of my family that stood for what was right under the best principles of Freedom, Justice and Liberty, for All.

Most recently, I have come to understand that I was a protected child. Protected from the hate that must have been swirling around, yet, this motto still became the foundation for the person I am today.

Liberty. Justice. For all. Do unto others, as I would have done unto me.

Most recently, I see that some have forgotten what “for all” means. Some have forgotten what liberty means. Some have forgotten what justice means. In place of ‘for All’, some have chosen “for those not like me”. In place of ‘Liberty’ some have chosen “oppression and restriction”. In place of ‘Justice’ some have imposed “unfairness”.

The words I grew up with were NOT “Oppression, Restrictions and Unfairness for Those NOT like Me”

Some people do not choose to keep their pregnancies. Some people do not believe that conception begins life. Some people have to make hard choices. Do they choose to bring children they cannot care for into the world? Should they go onto welfare and cost the state more money to pay for their pregnancies and further child rearing? These aren’t my choices, these are theirs. I grant them liberty, justice, for all.

Some people do not find happiness in people of the opposite sex. Some people have such a strong bond for someone regardless of their gender and they want to spend the rest of their lives with that person. Some people want to get married to the person that they love, through rich and poor, in sickness and health. I grant them liberty, justice, for all.

So, to all conservative families whose youth have chosen to celebrate the month of June 2013 with Rainbows and Texas Tennis Shoes. How I do love you. I love you for the morals that you instilled into us to stand up for what is right, to hold onto the values that we treasure the most. To uphold the foundation of what this country’s grandest ideals: Liberty and Justice, For all.

I stand today, unashamed that I was taught such amazing morals. I stand today that I am proud to be an American that grants liberty to ALL who are oppressed. I stand proud to be an American who lifts restrictions in the name of Justice. An American who understands that even though you are not like me, you as a human being have the divine right to Liberty and Justice.

Liberty: The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life.

Justice: The quality of being fair and reasonable.


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